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So tired

Posted on 2nd July, 2013

Obviously it was such a hard day that he couldn't even make it all the way in to his toy tub before crashing out asleep.





Posted on 1st June, 2013

He was hot and he enjoyed it, alright! Obviously Tania in the background thought it was funny (not sure Mummy did though!)



Posted on 27th May, 2013



Daddy, Daddy, wake up, it's time to play. What do you want to play this morning 'let me slap your face', 'pull your ears off' or 'dribble'?

First solid food

Posted on 27th May, 2013

I thought I was going to get much messier than this. I guess that will be when I have some chocolate or spaghetti hoops. Yum yum, I can't wait.



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Happy Birthday Mummy!

Posted on 27th May, 2013



Happy Birthday and Mothers Day Mummy. I hope you enjoy the river safari as much as I will, can we have some ice cream, please?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Posted on 27th May, 2013



Hey Dad, Happy Birthday (Don't tell mummy I told you, but I had some help writing the card!)

So exciting!

Posted on 28th April, 2013



You've got me a surprise, Ooh I love surprises. Don't tell me, don't tell me, I wanna guess. Now what could it be, let me think?




Wooooo hooooooo, so exciting, I can't believe it.

I actually get to go to the Singapore Grand Prix in September!!!


You is the bestest, fanks (and you Jayne for the Ear muffs)


Toby at the beach

Posted on 28th April, 2013

Heres the Tobester and I sitting at a nice beach-side restaurant yesterday


Surpisingly Happy

Posted on 28th April, 2013

This is Toby less than 1 hour after having 6 vaccines in 2 jabs at the hospital. I am not even sure that I would be that happy after an ordeal like that. He did shed a few tears in front of the doctor mind you!



Chuckle Chuckle

Posted on 28th April, 2013

Here is a nice happy Toby (and me of course). I think he may be ticklish.