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To all of those who know us, hello again, it has probably been a while. If you have just stumbled across us, welcome, but you will probably find this site very boring and you'll more than likely want to leave.


We thought we would set up a website so you can all see how fast Toby is growing up, from part way round the globe, here in Singapore. The photos are pretty small (either 600 or 672 pixels wide, so no one can use them and claim them as theirs) , so if you want better copies let us know and we can email them.


All photos have been taken by either Katy or myself, generally whilst in Singapore or on our travels (like the reflection of trees in the banner above which was taken in Canada in autumn 2005). If we get time we may start loading on photos from previous trips or years but that’s more as a timeline for us, rather than you guys, but feel free to have a look if you have nothing better to do.


For those of you that are interested (as we have some people ask), the photos have generally been shot with either the Olympus E420, E620 or E5 DSLR's (we have been upgrading over the last few years). The camera bodies themselves are less than half the story though, the glass that sits on the front makes the difference. We use the 12-60mm, 50mm macro and the 50-200mm.Some photos, such as the Mount Kinabalu ones were shot with a little point and shoot Olympus XZ1.  


I have just noticed that the older posts and photos get pushed off the bottom of the blog pages. To view them you need to select a month from the drop down box at the top of the blog pages.


These 3 photos were taken at a recent lego exhibition held at the Artscience Museum, Marina Bay Sands. They had very cool life size exhibits, the largest of which was a dinosaur made of over 80,000 bricks. For the image above I stitched the 3 photos of us together to make one photo. (I thought it was quite cool, anyway!). Still find it strange that you can tell it's us even though it is only a series of dots.