Canada Sept 2005


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Canada Sept 2005

Posted on 19th June, 2013

Photos of our Canada holiday from September 2005 - because Sam requested them.


Strangly can rememeber this trip, and place names and where we ate food all like it was last year. Unlike all the other photos on the site, these were taken with the Fuji S7000.



On the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria Island





Vancouver skyline





You will fit in my mouth!





I just liked the light





Lucky that it was looking at the right time










I like the 4 stages of the picture. trees, mountains, clouds and sky. Katy took this from the car window





Standing on the Athabasca Glacier. As you may guess from the photo, it was cold.





This is the Athabasca Glacier. To give you an idea of scale, the 3 black dots in the middle are the buses that you saw in the previous photo





Compact and cosy. This is the little lodge we spent the night in at Jasper. We went horse riding the following day in the trees and mountains. The view was amazing from the top.





Obviously we went during the 'fall'. The colours of the trees just popped





Iconic shot of silver birch trees.





They say you should never point a camera directly at the sun, but I like the result! (And the camera still worked afterwards)





Mount Robson and some fantastic scenery





I like the derelict barn in the foreground, it adds some depth to the shot





The same barn from a different angle with mist rolling down mountain





Love the clouds and the yellow of the trees





Love the reflection





This is a shot of Mount St Helens, taken from Tillicum Village on Blake Island. We got there on a ferry from Seattle. I remember having the freshest, best tasting, bbq'd salmon.